Why People don’t Follow Jesus

       It has occurred to me that there may be several reasons why people don’t want to know more about Jesus and his time on Earth. The time Jesus spent teaching, still to this day, has had the biggest impact on civilization than any other event or person in our history. I take this from some of my own experience and thoughts. Once we do understand what is at stake, how can anyone just turn the other way? But they do!

I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I think this is an important question that needs honesty in answering it.

Why do people not want to know more about Jesus and his teachings:

  1. People are too lazy to invest the time to learn more.
  2. People just listen to the naysayers and don’t bother educating themselves so they could make an educated decision.
  3. People just think and say, “Well, I’m a good person and if God is a good God, I’ll be alright.” If people would take the time to learn what the bible says, they would know it takes more than that.
  4. People are more concerned about what is happening in this world and in their lives. They are not thinking about what is going to happen after our short time here on this earth. So many people are so self-consumed with things like their appearance, their possessions, what other think about them, their job status, or status in general.
  5. They just don’t believe. Maybe that is how they were raised, or they have other beliefs or they have never been exposed to even thinking about Jesus.
  6. They are embarrassed to admit their beliefs or to come out to their peers. They don’t want to be that religious guy.
  7. They like their lifestyle of partying, drinking, drugs, sexual encounters and other activities.

This is another reason that many don’t think about.

        People are afraid to know more about Jesus! If they start to put in the effort to learn, they might realize that everything Jesus was trying to get us to understand is true. This would drastically change their lives. Once you understand what Jesus was telling us, you have to make some very big changes. Your old way of living life most often has to fade away or at the very least be altered. Unless in the rare occurrence you were already living a Christ-like life.

        Here are just a few things Jesus taught.

  1. Be Selfless. Put others before yourself. Serve others as Jesus did.
  2. Be Humble. Put God first before all else.
  3. Be generous. Give your first to God. He wants to see that your faith is strong and that you trust him. This includes your finances, as well as, your time.
  4. Surrender yourself to Him.
  5. Confess your sins to God.
  6. Repent of your sins.
  7. Love your neighbor.
  8. The only way to the Father is through the Son.

To do what Jesus taught takes Commitment, Faith, Discipline, Love and more. I can say from experience, it’s worth everything it takes for us to do!

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