Our Why

John Galanti

After getting out of the Navy I relocated to South Florida. I currently live in Tequesta, Florida with my wonderful wife Tina. We have two amazing children that are now grown and making their own way in life.

I grew up in a tough area just outside of Philadelphia, in South Jersey. I went through tough times both growing up and as an adult. The one thing I never did was to reach out to God during those times.

In my early 50’s I knew there was something missing. Once I figured out that it was the absence of God in my life, I began my journey to find out as much as I could about Jesus and the message he came to share with us.

Knowing the enemy that was attacking me for so long and the promises Jesus gave us was the information I needed. Now I know how to be prepared and stay prepared for when the enemy attacks.

I wanted to share what I learned in the hopes to help others. I feel HGY6 is a great place to start for others that are also looking for answers.

Mike Wenell

I currently live in Jupiter, Florida with my amazing wife and 2 wonderful children.

I have a passion for helping people and solving problems.

The HGY6 project is very close to my heart, as it applies to everyone. The realization that there is a spiritual war for my soul was a game changer. My hope is that others will be able to feel the same freedom, be equipped to defend and attack, and to live a joy filled life living in God’s purpose.