I grew up in a loving Christian home in northern California.  Growing up in the church I gave my life to Christ at the early age of 5 and was baptized.  I was able to get a firm establishment in what it looks like to serve others by going on mission trips to Mexico each year with our church through High School.  My dad took me on a mission’s trip to Africa when I was in 7th grade. 

But as most kids that grow up in the Church, when I moved away to go to college I easily fell into living in the ways of the world.  Through college and into my late 20’s I was Christian, but no one would have known it.  This proceeded into my career.  I was solely focused on my job and that is all I thought provided my value.  I was successful in my work but still was running in the opposite direction to what God was telling me to do.

I was able to find any marry my beautiful wife but was still just a Christian on Sunday and living for myself and career during the week. 

One Tuesday morning, before going to an early work training class, I went to the local Coffee Bean to get a coffee.  As I walked in there was a group of 4 men with bibles out at the table in the corner.  Immediately I felt the Holy Spirit tell me I had to stop by their table and ask to join their group.  I was sitting and waiting for my coffee feeling like I was getting sick because I did not want to follow what God was telling me to do.  The barista called my name and now it was do or die time.  I stopped by the table and said in a shaky voice, is this a Bible Study?  They said yep, we are here every Tuesday morning at 6 am! See you next Tuesday!  That lead to me meeting with that same group of men for the next 8 years, every Tuesday!

God started to change my life that day to dive into his word daily and serve him.  I would like to say my life improved, and my life was great after that day.  That was not the case.  I still lived for my career and had one foot in the world and one foot following Christ.  With the help of my men’s Bible Study, I was able to weather the storms of life and slowly keep getting closer and depending more on God’s path for my life. 

When I moved to Florida from San Deigo, I did not have a men’s group.  I was disconnected and my life started to slip back into its old patterns.  I started leaning on alcohol and thinking I could control my life again.  My life, marriage, and relationships started to spiral out of control.  One day I was sitting in my office at work looking out the window and I felt the Holy Spirit punch me in the stomach again and told me to get online and sign up for a men’s group through Christ Fellowship Online.  I honestly had a fight to type in the contact information and actually click the mouse button.  I did not know how much of a spiritual battle for my soul was going on at that moment.  The devil and his legions were winning and they did not want me to get into contact with a group of men that would change my life.

It has now been 3 years since clicking that Join a Men’s Group button and it has been transformational in my life.  I have men that will go into battle with me.  Men that will provide heavy artillery prayer support when I am in need.  Men that lean into my life and help me be a better husband and father. 

I have had to recommit my life to Christ and follow His will a few times in my life to adjust my path back to follow in the footsteps that Jesus is leading.  I have had to face the darkness that is in my life and sacrifice daily my will to walk with Christ.  My goal is to help share the healing and freedom that Christ provides me to anyone that I am blessed to interact with in my life.

Jesus has my six and is always there to support and guide me.  It is our choice to follow him, and I hope that if you are reading this you will take encouragement that I am just a normal sinner that has been saved by Jesus gift of Salvation on the Cross.  The best part is that he rose from the dead and gave us his Holy Spirit to guide us.  We just have to learn how to stay in communication and follow HIM.

Remember, He’s Got Your Six.